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We work tirelessly to celebrate and promote our contributors long after we've published them, and introducing our readers to new writers is one of our greatest pleasures. if you enjoyed the work of these contributors in Sky Island Journal, you can get to know them better here: 


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Every year, literary journals with online components have the opportunity to nominate poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction for Sundress Publications' prestigious Best of the Net. .

our pool of contributors is phenomenal, and we dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to our selection for this anthology award. Best of luck to our 2018 Best of the Net Nominees!




  • Axis Mundi, Akhila Kolisetty, (Issue 4)

  • Cerro Pedernal, Amber Burke, (Issue 5)

  • How to Spell America, Sandy Coomer, (Issue 4)

  • June, Laura Sobbott Ross, (Issue 5)

  • The Figure That is None, Jose Oseguera, (Issue 5)


Flash Fiction

  • Nephew, Sandy Smith, (Issue 2)

  • Toward Evening, Rex Adams, (Issue 5)


Creative Nonfiction

  • Picture This, B.J. Hollars, (Issue 1)

  • Plum, Natalia Oncina, (Issue 3)